Hi my name is Giuliana, I’m a sophomore this year, and I’m studying to become a 4th – 9th grade education teacher. I had actually just switched my major from business to education for a number of reasons, but the main one being that education was just always something that I’ve known I wanted to peruse in the back of my mind and in my heart— it just took me all of last year to figure out that business simply wasn’t for me. In general, I want to do something with my life and the lives of others, see change and growth in the community around me, and be a part of something more impactful than the world of business. With that being said, I feel as though Education is the perfect field of study for me.

Some background that led me to where I am at now is that all of last year, I helped with an after care program at Bedford elementary schools, and I tutored kids on the side through ED350: Multicultural Education in a Pluralistic Society. In addition to that, I had just spent my entire summer in Big Sky, Montana, working at a little boutique part time, as well as running an arts and crafts booth for kids and anyone else who came by. As for the boutique I worked at, I have been offered to move to Hawaii next summer and manage the same store there– an opportunity too amazing to pass up, especially with being able to experience the culture and explore the school systems there in my free-time– so stay tuned for that in the near future! 

A general idea of my passions (because I feel like I have so many) are helping others, anything involving positive change, and participating in things that I love: such as traveling, being outdoors, skiing, and perusing my life goals. Overall, this blog will entail sharing with you my education journey, my life experiences, and my personal growth both inside and outside the classroom. Together we will better ourselves so we can better the community around us– in whichever ways that means to you.