I’ve realized that I failed to answer some of the questions we were asked to answer from the first blog, so I figured I’d post again to further elaborate on some of my personal information and learning styles.

Like I mentioned before, my preferred name is Giuliana (pronounced like Juliana) and my pronouns are (she/her). I’m studying to become a 4th through 9th grade Science and English teacher, majoring in Middle Childhood Education. I’m from Mayfield, OH, which is a suburb of Cleveland for those of you who aren’t familiar with the area.

In regards to feeling comfortable taking intellectual and creative risks in a college classroom, getting familiar with my classmates and being able to express my thoughts and feelings in a judge-free zone, where we all learn from and build off of one another is what will push me to share more and collaborate more. 

Building a community within one another is essential for our growth as a class. It means that we are not only to coexist together but to also communicate, build relationships, and learn from one another. From what I’ve studied in Dr. Schaur’s ED350 class, finding community is what ultimately leads to identity in self and others, power in growth and change, and purpose in being, learning, and teaching.